Some Research Materials You'd Like to Share
The May 2018 article about archives (anthropology) at the Smithsonian Institution+ for scholar donated materials is what prompted me to write an article that outlines the methods currently online to share selected parts of one’s research materials. This survey form gathers initial details of materials you’d like to share electronically. The first 8 people who request guidance about how to prepare, promote and upload materials will be helped during the 2018-2019 school year by Mr. Witteveen. Others will be helped, too, as time allows. Ultimately the goal is for each person who gains experience in putting primary documents, images, and writings online then to reach out to a few others and guide them in the same way in turn, ad infinitum.

*Nota Bene: Make a copy of this page BEFORE pressing ‘submit’. Then you can easily refer back to your data being sent to G. P. Witteveen

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