The Next Frontier: Arizona's Opioid Epidemic
This is the post-viewing evaluation test for Dr. Suzanne O'Connor's presentation on behalf of the Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona. Only take this exam if you are seeking a continuing education unit. You must score 80% or higher to qualify for a certificate.
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Which is stronger Fentanyl or Heroin? *
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What three waves of Opioid overdoses led to the declaration of a national crisis in 2017? *
1 point
According to the DSM-V, how many of the following symptoms must occur within a 12 month period to diagnose a disorder? (•Impaired control, •Social impairment, •Risky Use, •Pharmacological criteria, •Determination of Severity) *
1 point
What is Acquired Brain Injury? *
1 point
From the presentation, how can Opioid use lead to an ABI? (check all that apply) *
1 point
From studies, what is a reasonable percentage of the substance treatment facility population having a prior TBI? *
1 point
What is not a compelling argument for substance treatment facilities to be screening for TBI? *
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How can an ABI/TBI survivor’s symptoms impede their substance use treatment? *
1 point
Match the following statements in order to recreate the HELPS screening tool questions. *
5 points
Have you ever lost consciousness, blacked out, passed out, or experienced a time of being dazed or confused because of a blow to your head or by losing oxygen?
Has your head ever been hit or injured?
Where you ever seen in an Emergency Room, Urgent Care, Clinic or been hospitalized for your head injury?
Any other sickness, illness, surgery, physical or emotional concerns?
Have you or do you experience any of the following problems in your daily life?
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