TUDSU Class Clothing Order Form 19/20
All items come with the TU Dublin Logo on left chest with course name and/or code underneath. The TU Dublin SU logo will be on the right arm and students name will be on the left. If you wish to have a slogan it will be printed on the back. MINIMUM ORDER: 5 ITEMS. - Sweater and Hoodie orders can be made together.

Hoodies 28euro
Crew Neck Sweatshirt 25euro

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Please read the handy downloadable guide on our website before placing your order
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DITSU CLG endeavours to protect the rights of all students it holds data on – both with regard to the retention of and disposal of such data, as well as providing the means for students to request access to any information held on them. For further information on how DITSU processes your data, please refer to the DITSU Policy on Data Protection or email mydata@ditsu.ie.
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Please make sure to outline in your order, which products are Hoodies and which are sweatshirts, and who they are for.
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Hoodies are 28euro and Sweatshirts are 25euro
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Please list the names of each person that is ordering a hoodie/sweatshirt and their size choice in the following format:'First name - Surname - Product - Size'. This is what will be printed on the hoodie/sweatshirt so please ensure the spelling is correct. Please separate your first name and surname with a / to ensure it is printed correctly.
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Do you want a slogan on the back of your hoodie/sweater? *
If so, please type it out here like this "insert slogan text here"
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If you have any comments or questions for us please capture them below. For example, if some of the class don't want a slogan on their product please list their names below. please note that your order will be filled exactly as advised above unless otherwise specified.
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