Great Northwest Artist Submission
Great Northwest Productions is all about creating fans and friends for life. People that become part of your family!

We do that by producing and promoting special events, shows and festivals in unique locations throughout the Pacific Northwest. We can also help with social media and email management, booking and talent purchase practices, show and festival production and even creative accountability. PLUS we can help with relevant graphic design, promotional photography and we love to create audio and video recordings!

Please fill out the form below, if one or more of the following applies to your band.
1. You'd like to play music at one of our shows or festivals
2. You're interested in working on sound and/or video recordings together and/or
3. You're interested in business and/or promotional support

We read every single application personally and we'll be in touch with you about the possibilities!

Find out more on our website:

Best wishes,
Dina Louise Sayers
Founder & Project Leader
Great Northwest Productions,
a fiscally sponsored project of

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