BEYOND 5G survey
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3. The 5G is a major step towards future diverse cellular applications and use cases.
4. 5G can sufficiently serve wireless applications for the next:
5. 5G will create very lucrative new business opportunities for network operators.
6. 5G will create new business opportunities for other actors beyond network operators.
7. 5G is going to achieve its goals on latency and data rates.
8. Broadening the business opportunities will be a major point for beyond 5G (B5G) systems.
9. Beyond 5G (B5G) systems should be evolution of the 5G rather than something entirely new.
10. Beyond 5G (B5G) systems will require entirely new type of network topologies to offer something truly new.
11. Which do you think will be the most critical technical improvement aspect on Beyond 5G (B5G) technologies?
12. Which wireless technology you expect to be the catalyst for Beyond 5G (B5G) deployments?
13. Which application do you see the most promising for THz technology in the context of the Beyond 5G (B5G) scenario?
14. Addressing the technology challenges (propagation particularities, baseband processing, RF front-end, etc.) will be the decisive factor for the successful adoption of THz communications.
15. THz communications will be the new wireless frontier in the road to Beyond 5G (B5G).
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