Church Engagement Survey
This is an anonymous survey. No personal or church data is required.
Our objective is examine the level of engagement in the life of an average church. The results are the collective input of respondents from many different churches. At the end of your input you can see summary results.

To learn more about this and other church engagement tools please refer to the Engaged Church Seminar at

Thank you for your input.
Please take a moment and tell us be candid, to what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
1. My church plays a very critical part in meeting my spiritual needs. *
2. My church challenges me by clearly communicating what I am expected to be and do. *
3. At my church I consistently serve by doing what I love to do. *
4. I am very excited about the purpose, vision and future plans of my church. *
5. My church leaders regularly show that they appreciate the role I play at church. *
6. At least once a month a leader in my church talks with me about my spiritual life. *
7. I find some of my best friends at my church. *
8. I regularly invite people to my church. *
9. Because of my church, I have grown spiritually in the last 12 months *
10. I spend at least 15 minutes a day in prayer and Bible reading. *
11. What is your age bracket?. *
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