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On May 15th, we’re calling on President Obama to stop all new offshore drilling in the Arctic, Atlantic, and the Gulf of Mexico. The Obama administration recently took the Atlantic out of their 5-year offshore drilling plan. But we know that’s not enough — their current plan still includes drilling in the Arctic and Gulf Coast.

This action, Stop Offshore Drilling, will bring together leaders and activists from around the country to demand that the President Obama use the 5 Year Plan as an opportunity to keep fossil fuels in the ground and say no to new leasing in the Arctic and the Gulf of Mexico., the Alaska Wilderness League, the Sierra Club and many other groups are supporting this event, and would love to have your organization join. Thank you for your interest, we will get back to you with more information once we receive this form.

For more information, check the website here:

If you have questions about partnering on this event, contact Leah Donahey,
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