Playing Test 1 - due August 31

Log on to your Seesaw account using any device (app on phone, chromebook, or computer.)

Make a video demonstrating each of these skills to the best of your ability.

1. Pass off your bow hold. Show your best bow hold to the camera showing all angles. Show me your bent thumb and make sure I can see your thumb placement)
2. Play tonalizations on open strings with a straight bow stroke. (tukka tukka stop stop on each string 4 times)
3. Perform your own open string arrangement using pizzicato. (Play page 4 from your 'Code of Excellence' book.) SAY THE NOTE NAMES while you play for full credit.

Review your video and fill out this form completely. Don't forget to click 'SUBMIT' at the end of the form. You will not receive a grade without this form submitted.

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