Bay Area LARC Suggestions
The Northern California Chapter of ASLA Emerging Professionals Group is working on creating a digital resources web page of resources library curated by Landscape Architects and anyone related to the field. Our hopes for this Bay Area Landscape Architecture Resources Community (LARC) are to increase accessibility and awareness of resources related to landscape architecture and provide a place where people can find resources on a topic of interest. Moreover, the LARC web page will provide opportunities for people to connect with others in the field by including features that allow people to connect through shared interests, whether you are a student, professor, working professional, or anyone else interested in landscape architecture. This resource web page will provide information on resources of various topics including landscape architecture research, webinars, L.A.R.E. prep, community organizations, and more. The more engagement we have, the more useful this will be to everybody, so we would really appreciate your input.

We would love to hear from you about resources that you would like to see on this list! Is there a recent read you would like to share other professionals? An article for students to stay up to date on current events? A publication of a local project? Your favorite LARE prep material? Please fill out this form to share us your input. Thank you for helping us with this project!

**We are collecting personal information in Section 1. If you wish for Section 1 items to be private, please note in the final survey question. If you would like, we can display your name, ASLA membership status, affiliation, and title next to the resource(s) that you recommend. This would provide an opportunity for people to see who is recommending certain resources. Listing this information would also provide opportunities for people to connect with you through a discussion about the resource that you suggested on the LARC web page. Your email will not be shared publicly
***You only need to fill out Section 1 when you are recommending a resource for the first time. Thank you!
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