Edgerton School District — Anonymous Alert
The Edgerton School District's Anonymous Alert is NOT an emergency hotline. If you are reporting an event that could immediately affect the school community, please call 911. If you are reporting criminal activity occurring off school grounds please contact the local police department - (608) 884-3321.

This web form is intended to facilitate the reporting of sensitive information to school officials, including information regarding student safety, bullying, violence, drug use, or students who may be in need of assistance. Reports submitted here will be forwarded electronically to a predetermined list of school officials and, at the school administration's option, to local enforcement agencies.

Please know that it is often difficult for school administrators to act on an anonymous tip. We encourage you to come forward to an administrator, school counselor, school psychologist, school social worker with your tip or concern. All efforts will be made to protect the confidentiality of your information.

No personal information will be collected or stored when you submit your anonymous alert tip unless you agree to share it. This information will be kept confidential and will only be accessed when required by court order to identify the Internet domain from which you submitted your report. (For more, see Google's Terms of Service link at the bottom of this form.)

Please use this form responsibly.  Adverse consequences, including serious criminal charges, may result from the submission of a false report. Any unauthorized attempts to upload information or change information on this form are strictly prohibited and may be punishable under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986 and the National Information Infrastructure Protection Act.
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