Club Post-Event Survey (for events not using AAUM Registration)
Please complete this survey as soon as possible after your event. Thank you for your cooperation!
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Attendance Information
In addition to asking our clubs to report on the number of attendees at their events, we're requesting you provide us with a list of attendees at each of these events so we can better track the breadth and depth of our global engagement efforts, including but not limited to unique event attendees. As we assess the performance of our clubs going forward, for both annual award and other purposes, we will take into account the number of specific alumni who attended club events (not merely headcount estimates).

** If you utilized AAUM's registration system for an event, we know who pre-registered. We're only requesting any info regarding WALK-UP attendees you may have.** For other events, we request a list of all event attendees, including as much as possible of the following information: first/last name, email address, and either U-M uniqname or most recent degree year.

Sample sign-in sheet here for future reference:

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If you'd prefer to enter the names and contact info of your event registrants in this survey (rather than emailing them to, please do so here.
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Additional Info & Feedback
In the space below, please include anything significant about the event that was NOT captured above and that you would like us to know and consider when measuring your club’s performance and determining annual club award winners.

Examples of information to include here are: (1) featured speakers, (2) fundraising and membership successes, and (3) student engagement.

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List other organization(s) co-hosting event, if any (e.g., local MSU or B1G club; U-M Office of Undergraduate Admissions)
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