Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship Application 2017
Thank you for your interest in the Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship Program. We welcome your application WHETHER OR NOT YOU HAVE A SPECIFIC PROJECT IN MIND, regardless of your identities, and no matter your academic interests. We are excited to learn more about who you are and what you care about.

Please read the information provided here CAREFULLY before submitting your application.

1) THE APPLICATION: Applications are due on FRIDAY, THE 29TH OF SEPTEMBER, by 11:59pm. Do not go over the word limit stipulated for each question. If need be, write your application in a separate document and copy paste your answers here after making sure they reach the word limit. Long and late applications will not be accepted.

2) INTERVIEWS: Once we have received your applications, the SE Curriculum Team will shortlist twelve candidates along with an external Faculty and Staff Selection Committee, and selected candidates will be invited to interview. Six will be selected as Fellows, eligible for full funding, and six other promising candidates will be invited to be ChangeMakers, with access to limited funding on an ad hoc basis. We will notify you about the success of your application by October 11th. Interviews will take place at 118 South Main across the 12th and 13th of October. PLEASE PLAN TO BE ON OR AROUND CAMPUS FOR THESE THREE DAYS. Due to the quick turnaround time, we will not be able to notify you earlier, so make sure not to schedule anything else that weekend in case your application is successful. We will not accommodate other interview dates or times. Final decisions will be released on October 15th, 2017.

3) FELLOWSHIP REQUIREMENTS: The SE Fellowship and ChangeMaker program has three main pillars: Community Spirit, Reflection, and Active Engagement. If chosen as a Fellow or ChangeMaker, you will be expected to attend workshops organized around these goals, complete written reflections, take part in an active engagement experience available to you on and around campus during the year, connect with your assigned mentor, plan and present summer experiences that connect to the goals of the program, and communicate effectively with the Curriculum Team and your Fellowship and ChangeMaker cohort. Access to funding is contingent upon satisfactory completion of these requirements. Please be aware that the SE Fellowship and ChangeMaker program is seen as a commitment CONCURRENT WITH academics, and your responsibilities as a Fellow or ChangeMaker will continue till you graduate from Middlebury in good standing. If chosen, you will be expected to prioritize the program as such.

4) WORKSHOP SCHEDULE: Workshops and group activities for the year are scheduled on the following dates in the evenings:
- October 26th, 2017
- November 16th, 2017
- December 1st, 2017
- December 8th, 2017
- February 15th, 2018
- March 15th, 2018
- April 12th, 2018
- May 11th, 2018
We request that you keep these dates free if you are selected as a Fellow or ChangeMaker, since your attendance to these is a requirement of the program.

5) MIDDCORE: Enrollment in the MiddCORE Winter or Summer immersion experience is a requirement of the Fellowship and ChangeMaker program, and therefore all selected Fellows and ChangeMakers are guaranteed a spot in one of the sessions before their time of graduation. However, if you are keen on taking MiddCORE this upcoming JTerm 2018, we encourage you to apply separate of your application to the Fellowship. Seats in the JTerm program fill up fast, and if for any reason you are not selected as a Fellow, we want you to be able to avail of the MiddCORE experience when you planned.

6) CONTACT INFORMATION: If you have any questions about the application or Fellowship/ChangeMaker program, please contact Social Entrepreneurship Associate Jiya Pandya '17 at or during Office Hours at 118 South Main St. on Wednesdays from 2 to 5pm.

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Briefly describe a problem you have observed in a community you have visited or lived in (150 words max)
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How do you think this is a social problem? (100 words max)
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Sticking to the issue you just described, who or what do you think is responsible? (100 words max)
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If you had a chance to address this problem, what would you do? (100 words max)
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What resources would you need to improve the situation? (100 words max)
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Name three qualities that you have that speak to your ability to work on this problem? (150 words max)
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From the courses you have taken at Middlebury, so far, which one would help you frame a solution to this problem? (100 words max)
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What Student Activities/Athletics/Organizations are you currently involved in? (please list)
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Which of your extra-curriculars do you value the most, and why? (100 words max)
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