Rhinelander District Library Stuff, Activities and Space Survey
This survey is in addition to any interviews or similar community surveys you may have taken specifically used for library future planning. We are focused on improving materials, services and offered spaces to the public to ensure your library is the heart of the community.
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1. If you've visited the library in the last twelve months, what brought you to the library? Check all that apply. Skip to Question 3 if not applicable
2. What time of day would you be most likely to visit the library? Check all that apply.
3. If you don’t visit the library, what are your reasons (check all that apply) Skip to question 5 if not applicable
4. If you checked intimidated/uncomfortable in Question 3, can you share what bothers you?
5. What services do you feel are most important for a library to provide? Check your top three choices.
6. Beyond traditional library materials, are there other items the library should consider lending? Check all that apply.
7. I usually see or hear information about the library through: (Check all that apply)
8. Were you aware the library has Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest accounts?
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9. I am filling out this survey as:
10. What is your work status? Check all that apply
11. My Town/City: Check answer
12. If there are children/young adults in your household, what are their age ranges. Check all that apply.
13. What is your age range?
14. I identify as:
If there are other ways you use the Rhinelander District Library that have not been mentioned, would you please share them?
Is there anything else you would like to tell us regarding the library?
(Optional) By providing your name and email, RDL staff or volunteers may contact you with further questions or information relating to the Rhinelander District Library. The Library will never sell or use your information for anything other than library purposes.
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