Nebraska Department of Education Enrollment Option Program
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Date Due: March 15
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When completing applications for the Enrollment Option Program, applicants and school officials should be aware of the following dates:

September 1: Earliest date for submitting applications for the next school year.
March 15: Deadline for filing applications unless a waiver of dates is granted.
April 1: On or before this date, the Option District must inform the Resident District of all names of applications.
April 1: Final date for option district to respond to the application.

NOTE: Enrollment Option is available only once to each student prior to graduation except that an option does not count toward that limitation if it meets, or met at the time of the option, one of the following criteria: (a) the student relocates to a different resident school district, (b) the option school district merges with another district,(c) the option school district is a Class I district, (d) the student will have completed either the grades offered in the school building originally attended in the option school district or the grades immediately preceding the lowest grade offered in the school building for which a new option is sought, (e) the option would allow the student to continue current enrollment in a school district, or (f) the option would allow the student to enroll in a school district in which the student was previously enrolled as a resident student.

NSAA Eligibility: “Potential applicants should consult with officials of the Nebraska School Activity Association (NSAA) to determine a student’s eligibility for participation in extracurricular activities if a student is or may be participating in any activities sponsored by the NSAA.”


Option School District: A public school district the student chooses to attend other than his or her resident school district.

Option Student: A student that has chosen to attend a public school district other than his or her resident school district, including a student who resides in a learning community and who has chosen to attend an option school district in such learning community prior to the effective date of the establishment of such learning community, but not including a student who resides in a learning community and who enrolls in another school district in such learning community.

Resident School District: The public school district in which a student resides, or attends as a resident student.


Between September 1 and March 15, the electronic Within District Transfer Form must be completed by later than 4 p.m. on March 15th. Each application is electronically time-stamped and dated upon submission.

After March 15, a PAPER application MUST be accompanied by a WRITTEN release (waiver) from an authorized official of the Resident District, or Section 2 must be completed by the resident school district, unless the student relocated after February 1st.

Note: The Resident and Option School Districts should retain this form until the student completes school or cancels the Enrollment Option.
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