Caldwell First Nation - Health
Kindly answer ALL of the following questions about what you would like to see integrated into our community for Healthy Happenings!

It is important to give honest and detailed feedback so that we are able to accurately plan for our regularly scheduled events, upcoming events, and workshops.

The personal information collected is only used by staff for the purposes defined at the time of the collection or a use that complies with these purposes. We do not share your information with any third parties.

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Please enter your name, email and/or phone number.  *
Would you like to see monthly e-mails for self-care/health assessment quizzes? For example: diabetes, stress evaluations, mental health, etc... *
What kind of monthly e-mailed quizzes regarding self-care and health would you like to receive? For example: diabetes, stress evaluation, mental health, responsible gambling, etc..
Would you like to see a Members Helping Members Random Acts of Kindness website page where you can share stories and comments? *
What kind of social media do you use the most?
Would you like to see a monthly book club within our community? *
What book(s) would you like to read and discuss within the club? Genre, authors, titles, etc...
Would you like an Indigenous authors lending library? *
What kind of books would you like to see within this library?
For example: Indigenous history, health and wellness, business, etc...
Would you like to participate in a social walk, marathon, yoga class, or other physical activity day once a month?
What type of physical activity would you like to participate in? For example, a social walk, marathon, yoga class, etc...
Would you like to see a healthy nutrition workshop? *
What kind of topics would you like to learn about at a healthy nutrition workshop? For example: healthy meals to cook at home, healthy ingredients, a balanced diet, etc...
Would you like to see a motivational speaker? *
Do you have any motivational speakers you'd like to hear from?
Would you like to see a cultural crafts day once a month? *
What kind of crafts would you like to do for a cultural crafts day?
Would you like to see a cultural knowledge seminar? *
Can you share any suggestions for your preferred top three elder/knowledge keepers?
Would you like to see a workshop or receive more information on technology and how to use it? *
Do you have any other suggestions/comments that you would like to share?
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