Penn Dems Senior Deputy Board Application
Senior deputy positions afford the opportunity to get more involved in Penn Dems! Working closely with one of our executive board members, you will meet weekly help plan and execute Penn Dems events and other programming. In addition, senior deputies are expected to attend Dems events regularly.

We will accept applications for non-political, non-legislative positions until FRIDAY SEPT 6 at NOON. Members of the executive board will reach out individually to schedule interviews on a rolling basis.

Here is a list of all available senior deputy positions (organized by the respective executive board member):

Vice President:
BYO (Build-Your-Own)
Alumni Relations
Fall Break Trip

Communications Director:
Communications Senior Deputy

Outreach Director:
Outreach Senior Deputy

Membership Director:
Membership Senior Deputy

Treasurer Senior Deputy

Social Justice Senior Deputy
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Please list the other clubs you are a part of on campus and your position (if you have any)
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Feel free to apply for more than one position. If you do, please rank them in order of preference. (This is to help us make sure you are given a role you want).
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BYO (Build-Your-Own) Position
If you have a position in mind that is NOT under the purview of the positions listed below, let us know! Really think about whether what you are proposing fits into a defined position, as you will not be accepted unless your BYO position provides something new.

If you have any questions, please contact Bayley Tuch (
What would be the role and specific task of the position?
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How would you measure success in this position?
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Are you certain what you are proposing does not fit under one of the defined senior deputy positions?
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Alumni Relations Senior Deputy
The goal of this position is to expand our alumni network. We want Penn Dems alumni to feel connected to this club and club members to feel connected to alumni. In the past, the Alumni Relations Senior Deputies have planned a homecoming event, created social networking groups, etc.

If you have any questions, please contact Bayley Tuch (
What new ideas would you bring to this position? (3-4 sentences)
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What skills do you posses that will help you succeed in this position? (3-4 sentences)
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Who is your favorite Penn (not necessarily Dems) alumni?
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Fall Break Trip Senior Deputy
Help plan a Penn Dems Fall Break Trip to DC! You must care about logistics and ready to work hard these first few weeks. Ideally, you would be willing to give up part of your fall break to join this trip!

If you have any questions, please contact Bayley Tuch (
What 3 things would you want Dems to do on a Fall Break trip to DC? Why? (3-4 sentences)
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Do you have any DC connects (people to meet with, places to stay, etc.)? Explain. (3-4 sentences)
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College students travel on a budget. How will you make sure students get the most bang for their buck (aka that this trip is affordable)? (3-4 sentences)
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Communications Senior Deputies
Communications Senior Deputies will be responsible for assisting the Communications Director on all facets of Penn Dems Communications.

Responsibilities include:
-drafting social media posts for twitter & facebook
-publicizing Dems events & making graphics
-writing organizational statements for publication in The Daily Pennsylvanian and other media
-writing posts for the Penn Dems blog
-photographing events
-and more fun projects!! (possibly including a podcast? It's up to you!)

If you have any questions, please contact Tamara Wurman (720-315-6448)
Are you following @PennDems on insta, twitter & facebook?
Take a look at the Dems social media (because you are now definitely following it πŸ˜‰) What would you change? (1-2 sentences)
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Which of the aspects of the Communications Senior Deputy position (described above) are you most interested in and why? (3-5 sentences)
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Do you have any previous communication experience (photo, design, short/long form writing)? What other skills do you have that would be useful for this position?
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On a scale from πŸ”₯ to πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯, how πŸ”₯ should Penn Dems communications be?
Membership Senior Deputies
Membership senior deputies are responsible for ensuring inclusiveness, directing mentorship, and developing bonds between Penn Dems members through the mentorship program, and engaging them in social events.

If you have any questions, please contact Chris Cherian (
Inclusiveness: Why is inclusiveness important to you?
Your answer
Mentorship: What are some mentorship events that Dems can run?
Your answer
Social: Thoughts on how we can increase the diversity of our events?
Your answer
Celebrity Crush?
Outreach Senior Deputies
Outreach does two things:
- Create and deliver on innovative projects to keep new members involved in Dems
- Create relationships and partnerships with on-campus and off-campus organizations

If you want to:
- create new projects
- think outside the box
- shake up how Dems runs

HEY YOU: If you think you are the future Penn Dems president (or if you want to run for office someday) *You should apply to Outreach.*

Please ask Jay any questions! (email her at or text her at 571-289-3788)
SCENARIO 1 - 🀝THE OVERWHELMING OUTREACH LIST 🀝 The Outreach director has just sent you an email with this [] document. You only have time to reach out to and make meaningful relationships with (up to) five organizations. What groups do you reach out to and what is your strategy? (2 - 4 sentences)
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SCENARIO 2 - πŸ€” MISSING NEW MEMBERS πŸ€” It's week three of first semester, and although new members were crowding in at the first few events, attendance seems to be dying down. Pitch an innovative idea for an event or project that will get new members back involved in Dems. (1 - 3 sentences)
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What is your Hogwarts House? πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ
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Put 1 to 5 clubs/affinity groups or off-campus organizations you already have a relationship with or you think you might join.
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Treasurer Senior Deputies
Responsibilities include merchandise and finance. Please don't spend very long on any of these questions!

If you have any questions, please contact Michael Nevett (
Why are you interested in being a Treasurer senior deputy?
Your answer
Specifically, what types of food should we have at Dems events? Consider Deputy Board Meetings, panels/speakers, and social events. *Obviously, I don't expect freshmen to know the food scene*
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Do you have experience selling merchandise or designing products?
What types of merch products should Dems sell this semester? What should we avoid?
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What is something funny (or somewhat clever) and political you would put on a Dems t-shirt?
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Do you have experience managing spreadsheets and using venmo?
How can we encourage members to pay their dues?
Your answer
How much money should Dems raise?
No money
All the money
Secretary Senior Deputies
Recently in the club's history, the Secretary has been tasked with engaging with social justice issues. To support this role, there are several social justice senior deputy positions that are open-ended and can be tailored to the social justice subjects and issues that you care about most! Organizing petitioning and letter writing table events on Locust, presenting social justice focused presentations at DBMs, reaching out to groups/organizations to plan awesome panels and workshops, and organizing and attending protests and rallies are just some of the possible projects that fall under the role of a Secretary Senior Deputy.

If you have any questions, please contact Francois (
What does social justice mean to you and how have you explored/pursued it in your life? (~3 sentences)
Your answer
What social justice issue are you most passionate about? Why? What is an example of an event you would plan in this role to help address/engage with that injustice? (~5 sentences)
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Part of being a senior deputy with a more open ended role is taking initiative to go beyond your basic duties. Describe an instance in your life where you took meaningful initiative. (This could be big or small, from asking an important question, to starting an organization, to implementing an idea you've had, anything that you were not already instructed to do) (~3 sentences)
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