Edify. Placement test
Добро пожаловать на тест определения вашего уровня владения английским языком. 

Старайтесь не использовать переводчики, справочники и другие дополнительные материалы во время прохождения данного теста.

Не бойтесь отвечать неверно, это наоборот поможет нам более четко разработать под вас программу обучения.

Примерное время прохождения - 20-30 минут

Заварите себе чай и let's go!
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Grammar and Vocabulary
Choose the correct answers

1. My _______ is a journalist and his articles are very popular. 


2. ____  you interested in sport? 

3. We live in the city centre and our house _____ have a big garden.  
4.  There _______ a lot of people outside the shopping mall. What’s the problem? *
5. There ______ an apple on the table. You can take it. *
6. Mike ____ a game on his computer at the moment.  
7. Children ________ basketball on the playground now. *
8.  Sara is very ____. She doesn’t go out a lot. *
9.  It is ________ to speak with your mouth full. *
10.  ____ you like to come out with us tonight? *
11.  Did you ____ shopping after work yesterday? *
12.  I ____ six emails before a lesson today *
13.  The church was very crowded ____ Sunday *
14.  I ____ the new Spiderman film yet. Is it any good? *
15.  Jack got the ____ marks in the class for his homework *
16. You _____ eat all that cake! It isn’t good for you.  
17.   How ____ time have we got to do this exercise? *
18.  Our teacher speaks English to us ____ so that we can understand her. *
19.  My sister ____ speak Spanish when she was only six years old. *
20.  I really enjoy ____ new languages and I’d like to learn Chinese soon. *
21.  My father has been a teacher ____ twenty years and he still loves his job. *
22. Look at those clouds! It __________any moment! *
23.  If I had a million dollars, I _________ a new big house. *
24.  You ____ hurry as we’ve still got twenty minutes before the film starts. *
25.  I ____ you in the café at about 10.30 and we can discuss our plans then, OK? *
26.  I wanted to see Harry. How long ago ____ ? *
27.  You should be very proud ____ what you’ve achieved over the last year. *
28.  Look at the news! Three cars ____ in a bad accident on the motorway at Hillford. *
29.  It was great to see you at the party. I didn’t realize how long ____ since we last met. *
30.  I’m sorry to trouble you but I was wondering what ____ . *
Опишите свой последний отпуск/выходной, ответив на 5 вопросов

Tell about your last holiday (8-10 sentences)

1.    Where did  you go?

2.    When did you go?

3.    Who did you go with?

4.    What did do there?

5.    Why did(n’t) you like it?

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