Summit 2020: Presentation Proposal
We appreciate your interest in the Capital Area Educators Summit!

This year's theme is "Learning First". We are exploring ideas and questions like..

- How are we engaging our learners in the process of being authentic learners? What does that mean? "Authentic Learner"?

- How do we make our classroom and schools environments where we properly balance the different types of learning necessary for success in school and life?

- How do we build lessons that maximize our students' learning? How are we goal-oriented, but remain flexible? How do we choose our learning goals and align our classroom choices to that?

- Are their innovative techniques, tools (tech or non-tech), practices, or points-of-view that have helped to improve the learning in your classroom or school in meaningful ways?

We are bringing educators together to collaboratively explore inspirational examples of classroom experiences and meaningful tools, structures and strategies to build powerful teaching and learning moments for the students in our classrooms.

We are excited to hear what ideas you have for presenting at The Summit 2019!
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