Lawrence County Schools 2017-2018 ANNUAL TITLE I PARENT INVOLVEMENT SURVEY Every Child College and Career Ready; A Community Involved and Informed
Please take a few moments to answer these questions. OPTIONAL: Mark one or more schools addressed by your answer.
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1. I feel welcome when I enter my child’s school.
2. I am aware of opportunities to become involved in school-related activities and functions.
3. I am aware that I can volunteer in Lawrence County Schools after training as a volunteer, which includes a background records check at no cost.
4. I have visited my child’s school more this year than last school year.
5. I have participated in more school events this school year. (for example: Data Nights; reading, math or science nights; Readifest; PTA/PTO; information meetings; School Community Days; other events)
6. I have volunteered this year in my child’s school or for a school or district function.
7. I generally know when school activities and functions are scheduled.
8. I am aware when the school’s SBDM/Advisory Council holds its meetings.
9. I would become more involved in parent-school activities if it were not for my work obligations.
10. Transportation or the cost of gasoline is a reason I am not more involved.
11. Child care is a reason I am not more involved.
12. Materials and information sent home by my child’s school or posted on my child’s school web page are easy to follow and understand.
13. Materials and information posted on the district’s web page are easy to follow and understand.
14. Annually, I receive a copy of the Lawrence County Schools Parent and Student Handbook.
15. I am aware that schools in our District receive federal funds such as Title I to help increase student achievement and are subject to federal regulations.
16. I know if my child’s school is a Title I school.
17. I have been invited by school staff to participate in planning, such as the school improvement plan or the parent involvement policy.
18. I have received/signed the school-parent compact.
19. I have received materials from the school or district concerning parent involvement and Title I/federal programs available in my child’s school. (such as, at Readifest or Open House, in school newsletters, in Student Take-Home Folders, by email or on web pages)
20. I received clear information regarding my child’s academic progress and achievement data.
21. I am aware of Kentucky’s standards and goals for the school and the plan to achieve the goals.
22. My child’s school contacts the parents of students who are struggling academically.
23. I am aware of services outside the school day (before school, after school) that are available to help my child with difficulties in his/her classes, such as tutoring, homework help, and ESS-Extended School Services.
24. I would like to receive training on how I can help my child succeed in school.
25. I feel I have the opportunity to provide input into improving parent activities and communication between parents, families, and schools.
26. I am aware of the All In LC motto for Lawrence County Schools.
27. I feel that the NTI/Google Classroom Days were beneficial to our school community. (Non-Traditional Instruction)
28. Overall, I feel my child’s school is improving and that the school and staff value the success of my child.
29. Overall, I feel the Lawrence County School District is improving and the success of my child is valued.
Please offer any comments that you feel will strengthen the parent involvement program at the school or strengthen your child’s school or the Lawrence County School District. If you answered No to a question, please offer suggestions to help in that area. (Please be specific to the school you are commenting on.)
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