FCA Coach Application (DUE 1-15-2016)
All Prospective 2016 FCA Head/Assistant Coaches are required to complete this application and provide proof of their participation in the required Nor Cal Premier Coaching Education Program. All Head Coaches must be at least 18 years of age. Incomplete Competitive Coach application packets will only be granted on a conditional status.
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Coaches must be participating in the NorCal Premier Soccer Coaching Education Program, in order to remain a FCA Coach. A Copy of your most recent coachinglicense, referee license and a valid driver’s license are required and can be email to doc@wccysl.com
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List most recent youth soccer coaching experience (Age group, Gender and years on each team)
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Important Information
The league will attempt to form at least one A team and one B team in each age group in each gender. Player selection precedence will be observed as followed:

A coach is defined as the most senior within each age/gender group (for the year in which they are applying) in the following order based upon the previous year’s standing
1. Coach for Comp Team A
2. Coach for Comp Team B
3. Coach for Rec Team
4. If all is equal, then previous coaching level / experience (Age group and Division)
5. If all is equal, then coaching license level.

The Director of the Competitive Program has the option to utilizing additional criteria in determining a coach’s seniority, such as previous experience; i.e. high school, license level and past experience. The Director of the Competitive Program will determine level of play for teams based on previous year’s record, level of players, level of coaching and input from team’s Head Coach

All competitive coaches are expected to familiarize themselves with the NorCal Premier, procedures, rules, and regulations. All coaches will be required to sign the Code of Ethics form and must complete a background check.

Each competitive team must provide three licensed referees, whom are available and under obligation to referee a WCCYSL game for each time that team plays at home. One of the referees must be over 18 years of age. Team packets will not be submitted to District for registration without three associated referees.

Please review the NorCal Premier and WCCCYSL / FCA Bylaws, rules and Policies and Procedures for further information.

By clicking on the SUBMIT button I hereby apply to be a FCA coach. I attest that all information given herein is true. I have read and understand the foregoing. I pledge to abide by all Bylaws Policies and Procedures of the WCCYSL, FCA, NorCal Premier, Cal North and US Club. I agree that failure to comply with any of these conditions may result in the termination of my coaching privileges with FCA.

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