Apply to be a School Coordinator!
Please fill out this form if you are interested in being a School Coordinator for Students Tutor Students at your high school! We are currently accepting applications for the state of Oregon!

Position Description: School Coordinators will serve as leaders of Students Tutor Students Chapters at high schools. Chapters of Students Tutor Students are clubs/organizations at your school that will be working to:
1) Mitigate various issues you see in your academic environment to impact your education for the better
2) Promote the Students Tutor Students organization and our tutoring program
As a School Coordinator, you will be responsible for the creation of this club at your school.

BEFORE YOU FILL OUT THIS FORM, please check this link to see if your school currently has a school coordinator:

Please allow up to two weeks for us to process your application - if you do not hear from us by then please contact us! If you are selected as a School Coordinator, more information about chapters will be communicated to you once you have received an email about an onboarding call.

Questions/Concerns? Please contact our team at
Thank you!
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Within your school, what concrete plans can you follow that will help spread word of Students Tutor Students? *
Identify 2 problems at your school and actionable items that you can perform to address those issues. *
Imagine that you are the head of a team that is tasked with organizing a school event. How would you set up communication and ensure that everyone is working diligently and efficiently to complete the task? *
Pretend that you are writing an email to your school's administration to inform them about a tutoring program. Draft an email to your principal explaining the service and discussing why, from your specific point of view, it would be a good addition to your school's community. *
Please share your 3 most impactful leadership positions/involvement in activities at your school or in your community. *
(OPTIONAL) Is there anything else we should know about why you would be good for this position?
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