BrainPad Samples Questionnaire:
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Are you okay with us sharing your answers through our channels? If not, clearly indicate what should be kept private.
Who are you? Your name, age, school, degree, or whatever you like to share about your personal life.
If you are under 18, please get permission from your parents or guardian before sharing your information.
Tell us about your professional life or your school.
What does STEM mean to you? How are you involved with STEM?
Tell us about your coding experience and what languages you have used.
Have you used MakeCode? Tell us about what you’ve made.
Have you used any products other than the BrainPad with MakeCode?
Have you built any software projects, perhaps built a video game using MakeCode Arcade?
Have you built any hardware projects, perhaps made a robot or used circuits and LEDs?
How are you helping the community?
How can people find you online? Social links, email, whatever you want to share!
Do you have photos or videos showing your work with the community or projects you have built?
If you are showing people’s faces in the photos you are sharing, do you have photo releases?
Does your organization have a shipping account or can you cover shipping costs? Shipping can be costly for destinations outside of the United States.
Are you willing to cover import tax, duties, or whatever costs are incured by your local government?
Are you a member of our online community? Have you been helping others?
Anything you'd like to add?
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