"3rd Space" - Youth Application 2016
ABOUT: Roots for Peace "3rd Space" is an interactive 2 month program for youth ages 15-18 to explore issues that impact our communities' health and wellness. Youth that participate will match what they learn in workshops that focus on issues of inequality with practices of gardening, art, cooking and trips throughout the city- all to culminate in a community asset project.
- Transportation Stipend provided
- Camping trip during spring break
- Free Healthy Food during each session
- Field Trips include community gardens, farmers markets, non-profits, community walks

LOCATION: Most sessions will take place at Roots for Peace office: 634 S. Spring St., Los Angeles, CA 90014.

CONTACT: If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jas Wade at (323) 239-3960 or by email jasm.wade@gmail.com

DEADLINE for application: January 25th, 2016.

"3rd Space" is a project by Roots for Peace Program and American Friends Service Committee.
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