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For All Food Vendors: There is no source of Potable water on site, however we will have a tank of water for other use
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If other please be specific.
The fee for vending is $350 for craft vendors and $600 for food vendors.
Each vending fee gets 2 tickets to the event for you & your workers. If you need more workers we can provide a few discounted passes.
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Is power needed for your booth? *
If yes, you are required to bring a 50 foot 12 gauge outdoor extension cord
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Cleaning / Safety Deposit
Note: All deposits will be refunded by the vending coordinator once your vending space is loaded up. Failure to clean-up your vending space will result in forfeiture of cleaning deposit
By clicking "YES" I agree to provide a $50 cleaning / Safety deposit for my Art / Craft vending area *
Required for Craft / Art vendors
By clicking "YES" I agree to provide a $100 cleaning / Safety deposit for my food vending area *
I understand and acknowledge that each food vendor is required to bring their own garbage and recycling cans for their vending areas. There will be cans placed in the common areas but those are not to be relocated. A set of cans can be provided for a $30 non-refundable fee *
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