2018/2019 FIRST® LEGO® League INTO ORBIT - Volunteer Registration Form
Volunteers are the power and passion behind the FIRST LEGO League. They impact more than 400,000 youths globally each year. Whatever your expertise, the FIRST LEGO League has a volunteer opportunity for you!

As the 2018/2019 FIRST LEGO League Trinidad and Tobago National Championship approaches, NIHERST is seeking volunteers for this event. The Championship will be hosted at the Venue* on the dd.mm.yyyy*.

As a volunteer you will be required to attend a training session preparing you for your roles and responsibilities on the day of the Championship. This session will be hosted on dd.mm.yy* at the Venue*.

Some of the roles and responsibilities of the volunteer are listed on the registration form which you are required to complete. Please note, the volunteer registration process will not be completed until all sections of the form are thoroughly filled and submitted and a welcome message is received. If this is not the case, NIHERST would not have received your information and so you would not have been registered as a volunteer.

NIHERST respects the information shared with us during the registration process and takes precautions to not disclose such with entities other than the NIHERST Planning Committee elected for FIRST LEGO League.

Please Note: It is preferred that volunteers be 18 years and older. However, if an individual under the age of 18 years is interested in becoming a volunteer, his/her Parent or Guardian must contact NIHERST with this request.

* - To be updated at a later date

Thank you!

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