Code of Conduct Report Form
If you have witnessed, experienced or suspect a breach in the Battlesnake Code of Conduct by anyone at a Battlesnake event (Live, Virtual, or Community) or in the Battlesnake Online Community please report the incident here.

You have the right to remain anonymous, but we will collect email addresses to ensure we can follow up with all reporters on the status of their report.

Someone from the Battlesnake team will respond within 24hours of all incident reports. If this is an emergency reach out to Noah Warder, Brad Van Vugt, or Chris Hoefgen via the Battlesnake Public Slack space or by email at
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What type of event did the incident occur? *
Live Regional Events are hosted by Battlesnake in cities around North America, participants join the event in person. Virtual Online Events are hosted by Battlesnake and streamed on or Zoom Webinar. Community Organized Events are Battlesnake events organized by community groups with no affiliation to Battlesnake other than the use of the Battlesnake Platform.
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The more information the better. Time of day, in-person or online (via slack, social media, or face to face interaction), was it at a specific event, details of the incident
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Who was involved (sponsors, attendees, employees, volunteers, conference centre staff, etc) and how many people were involved. Were there witnesses?
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