2018 Little Italy Madonnari Arts Festival Volunteer Registration Form
Please fill out this form to volunteer for the 2018 Little Italy Baltimore Madonnari Arts Festival that will be open to the public September 7-9, 2018 on South High and Stiles Streets in Little Italy.

The Madonnari Arts Festival is a local community event that brings together a global community of pavement artists. It takes individuals, such as yourself, to make it the "awe" inspiring event that everyone has come to love. The festival is managed and run entirely by volunteers.

Volunteer Vision Statement:
As a volunteer, I know that I am an integral part of the festival's success. I will remain positive, punctual and supportive in every aspect of my duties. I will work so that the festival is a great experience for all involved, including myself. I will treat the festival as a joyous celebration and know that I will inspire people as much as I may be inspired by those who attend and participate. I realize the festival visitors and artists represent a very diverse pallet of cultures and I will be polite to all involved, regardless of my personal beliefs or opinions. I will be professional and give my utmost dedication to the festival by carrying a positive message and attitude. I will embrace my role and I realize that the festival relies on me to do my best - and my best I will give!

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Thur, Sept 6 - setup
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Sat, Sept 8 - Festival Day 2
Sun, Sept 9 - Festival Day 3
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