LAL booking form
This form will help us organize our bookings and get back to you faster! We work all sorts of communities and we want everyone to have a great experience. No racist, homophobic, trans-phobic, gendered violence will be tolerated.
Date of Event
Event information
Time of event
Load In / Soundcheck time
Offer/Fee (can be negotiated)
Promoter name and contact info
Festival / Venue Information
Venue address
Please let us know if you can provide accomodation, food and or travel
Is your venue / festival physically accessible?
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Provide details if you can
What sort of PA will you provide? Provide tech contact info.
Will there be a place to sell merch or support to sell merch?
any other requests?
Does your show support Queer/Trans/2S and / or Racialized communities?
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Does your organization / event have an understanding of Anti-oppression frameworks? (it's ok if you don't know what this is we are just curious and want to know if you want to learn)
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