Holiday Preorder Pop-Up - Thanksgiving 2019
Having a delicious Thanksgiving has never been easier! Find your appetizers, sides and desserts through the Thanksgiving Preorder Pop-Up with gluten-free and Vegan options.

Also, the weekly Seasonal Roots farmers market will be open as usual on Friday, Nov. 22, so you can order your favorite veggies, dairy products and baked goods for the big day. Rely on Seasonal Roots to help you source the best ingredients for Thanksgiving.

Important Details
1) Our craft Artisans only make small batches so order soon.
2) On the following business day from ordering, you will be emailed an invoice and your default credit card will be charged.
3) You will receive your preorder goodies on November 27 when your regular Seasonal Roots order* arrives. (All deliveries will be Wednesday during the Thanksgiving week)
4) To complete your order scroll to the bottom of the form and select 'SUBMIT'.
5) Thanksgiving's Preorder Pop-Up closes November 22.

*If you do not log in to place an order from the weekly Farmers Market for delivery on November 27, your default basket size will be processed for you.
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Caponata - $10 each
Chunky Sicilian Caponata, made with Eggplant, Onions, Celery, Peppers, Tomatoes and Kalamata Olives, is a wonderful gluten-free, vegan dip. Made by Truly Scrumptious, this dish is slightly sweet, with a variety of plump vegetables - and slightly acidic, with a bite of vinegar that cuts through the rich sauce. Sicilian Caponata is very versatile, as it’s equally tasty served as a dip, with pasta or on bruschetta. Divine! (8oz portion serves 4-6 as an appetizer or 2 as a vegan dish)
Crab Dip - $13 each
Order Up Seafood uses freshly caught Chesapeake Bay crab meat mixed with just the right amount of seasoning to make this creamy dip. Make a bread bowl by hollowing out the Sourdough Boule from La Bella Vita Bakery. Leave about 1 inch of bread on the sides and bake the bread at 400 degrees F until toasted, about 8-10 minutes. Serve with toasted slices of Rustic Bread from Flour Garden or your favorite crackers. (16oz portion)
Shrimp Cheese Ball - $12 each
North Carolina Shrimp from Order Up Seafood mixed with spices and blended into cream cheese is sure to be an appetizer that everyone will be talking about. (16oz portion)
Baked Stuffed Brie
Baked Stuffed Brie - $18 each
Baked Stuffed Brie is a buttery, pastry-wrapped wheel of brie stuffed with pecans, dried cranberries, apricots and brown sugar. Arrives frozen and with cooking instructions. Must be served warm so that all the flavors can be fully realized. Once you cut into this cranberry pecan stuffed baked Brie, with soft cheese melting out, everybody will want to know how you made such a fancy and intricate-looking appetizer. Whether you decide to tell them your delicious secret is up to you. (8oz Serves 4-6)
Butternut Squash Soup
Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with Apples and Sage - $15 each
Homemade butternut squash soup is one of our favorite go-to dishes during the fall. And it could not be easier to enjoy this season, as we’re offering this delicious soup from Truly Scrumptious. Serve earlier in the day as a light snack or as an appetizer before the main event. (1 Quart Serves 4-6)
Apple and Herb Stuffing - $14 each
This is one of our favorites from Truly Scrumptious! Made with homemade cornbread (using Wade’s Mill cornmeal), torn baguettes, local granny smith apples, local sage and parsley, onions, celery and eggs. (32oz - 8x8 inch container - serves 4-6)
Sweet Potato Casserole - $14 each
What’s Thanksgiving dinner without sweet potatoes? This casserole is made from fresh, local Sweet Potatoes that are roasted to enhance sweetness without added sugar and then whipped with a little butter and eggs. Simply defrost, sprinkle the brown sugar and pecan streusel topping, and bake for approximately 30-45 minutes. (42oz - 8x8 container - serves 4-6)
5lb North Carolina Shrimp - $65 each
5 pounds of Frozen North Carolina Shrimp, in shells, from Order Up Seafood. Sustainable fishing at its finest! Create a shrimp cocktail or a more complex dish like shrimp cornbread stuffing. (5 lbs – each pound approximately 21-25 count)
Dinner Rolls
6-Pack of Dinner Rolls - $5 each
These mouth-watering yummies from La Bella Vita Bakery will work for a variety of meals. Perfectly soft and delicious rolls can be served with Thanksgiving dinner or be used to make delicious left-over Ham or Turkey slider sandwiches! (6 in a pack)
Sourdough Boule - $5
This La Bella Vita Bakery boule starts with the finest ingredients available and is handcrafted into a delicious final product. Sourdough is great for turkey sandwiches, crostini, and our personal favorite - Thanksgiving morning French toast. (Ingredients: organic unbleached white flour, water, yeast, salt.)
Pumpkin Pie - $14 each
One of our members’ favorite items - pumpkin pie from Foster’s Catering - has returned! Zee is a dear friend of Seasonal Roots, and her baked goods have been the star at numerous veggie fairy parties. Delicious pumpkin filling with a homemade crust. (9” round)
Sweet Potato Pie - $14 each
Sweet potato pie is often called the cousin of pumpkin pie. Some people prefer one over the other, but we love both! Also crafted by Zee of Foster’s Catering. We are limited in numbers so order early. (9” round)
Pecan Pie
Gluten Free Pecan Pie - $24 each
Another Anna B’s delight. You can’t even tell that it’s gluten free! Filling: butter, sugar, pecans, honey, corn syrup, eggs, salt, vanilla Crust: potato starch, tapioca flour, cornstarch, brown rice flour, egg, cane sugar, butter, baking powder, xanthan gum, salt (CONTAINS: DAIRY, EGG, and CORN – 9” round)
Pumpkin Roll
Gluten Free Pumpkin Roll - $15 each
Handmade Pumpkin Rolls by Anna B’s! Filling: cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar, vanilla Roll: garbanzo bean flour, potato starch, tapioca flour, sorghum flour, fava bean flour, brown rice flour, canola oil, pumpkin, brown sugar, eggs, xanthan gum, coarse kosher salt, cinnamon (CONTAINS: DAIRY, EGG, and CORN – serves 8-10)
Assorted Pastries
Assorted Pastry Box - $27.50 each
Flour Garden Bakery has been providing baked goodies to our Seasonal Roots members since we started delivering in 2011. They are making an assorted pastry box for you to serve earlier in the day or after dinner for dessert. Included are Apple Cinnamon Bear Claws, Maple Pecan Turnovers, Apple Cider Donuts, and Pumpkin Cream Cheese Brioche Tarts. (3 each for total of 12 pastries)
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