MSGAO Adoption Application
Simply fill out and submit this form. It is not downloadable. Please Note: MSGAO reserves the right to deny any application for any reason. Applications remain valid for six months. A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to process the application (including reference checks) and can be mailed to MSGAO at P.O. Box 1024, West Memphis, AR 72303. The deposit is applied toward the $300 adoption fee. Deposits also are accepted through PayPal. Those who have adopted previously are not required to submit a new application.
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Do you understand that pet Greyhounds are indoor dogs only? Having very little body fat and thin skin it is difficult for greyhounds to regulate their body temperature in extreme heat and cold. I understand the importance of my greyhound being and indoor dog ONLY! *
Do you understand the importance of monthly heartworm preventive and yearly vaccinations as well an other medical needs that should arise during the greyhounds life time. *
Do you agree not to sell or transfer the greyhound to another individual or group not approved by MSGAO? *
Why do you want to adopt a retired racing greyhound? *
What research have you done? *
What activities do you plan to do with your greyhound? *
Most Greyhounds have never seen stairs before, and some experience difficulty learning to navigate them. Do you have stairs inside and/or outside your home?
Does anyone in your household have animal allergies?
What type of daily exercise will your new greyhound get? *
Please list any current pets and the name and contact information for your veterinarian.
If you have no current pets, please list deceased pets (within past 10 years) and contact information for the veterinarian practice you used at the time.
On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your knowledge of dog behavior?
very experienced
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What would you do if your greyhound exhibited behavioral issues?
Are you willing and able to work with a dog trainer to help address any behavioral issues that you find too challenging? *
Please explain the importance of keeping a greyhound on a leash at all times in unfenced areas. *
Where will the greyhound stay during the day and at night?
Veterinarian's Name (if you don't currently use one, please provide information on the vet you intend to use).
Veterinarian's Practice
Veterinarian's Phone
Are you aware of your veterinarian's experience and understanding of a Greyhound's special veterinary needs?
Please list a few of these special veterinary needs that you have read about.
Please list two references unrelated to you who you have known for more than two years. *** Important: Please let your references know that we will be calling them from a (662) or an (870) area code. The amount of time required to process your application depends largely on your references.
First Reference (Name and phone number) *
Second Reference (Name and phone number)
How did you learn about MSGAO?
Have you ever been convicted of animal cruelty? *
If you answered yes above, please explain circumstances. *
How would you like to be notified of your approval? *
I have read the Terms and Conditions below this form. *
Terms and Conditions
Terms & Conditions:
1. Greyhounds can live 12 years or more. I understand that this is a lifetime commitment to the dog.
2. I will keep proper identification on my new greyhound at all times.
3. I understand that a greyhound is an indoor pet and must not be kept outside without human supervision for any reason.
4. I agree that I am personally and financially prepared to take care of this greyhound, which includes but is not limited to monthly heartworm preventative, flea and tick preventive, regular vet visits, emergency vet visits, feeding, grooming, and boarding.
5. If for any reason the greyhound(s) adopted through MSGAO must be re-homed, they must be returned to MSGAO or a group or individual approved by MSGAO.
6. I agree not to sell the greyhound(s).
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