Chaotic Destiny Hosting | Support Agent Application
Welcome to the Chaotic Destiny Hosting Support Agent Application.

We are very pleased that you have decided to apply to become a Support Agent for Chaotic Destiny Hosting.
The Support Agents are some of the most important people in our community. It is their job to answer the tickets and to make sure that everyone is following and respecting the rules. With the goal of making the server a better place for everyone, Support Agents should be friendly and communicative, but also trustworthy and hardworking.

Please note: This is a voluntary role.

Please feel free to apply if this sounds like something you would like to do in your spare time.

Requirements :
➪ At least 14 years of age
➪ English-speaking
➪ Active within the community
➪ Basic programming skills

Extra (+):
➪ Knowledge of Pterodactyl Panel
➪ Multilingual communication
➪ Linux Experience

➪ More experience with the customer(s)
➪ Add to your Pterodactyl experience
➪ Learning further coding languages

Please take your time answering.
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