Marching Band Enrollment Form
Welcome to the Atholton Marching Band! You are becoming a member of an organization with a lot of history and pride. This is an organization in which YOU ARE IMPORTANT! Recognizing that all members are equally important to fulfilling their role towards the success of the entire group, we take our commitment very seriously. With success, comes great responsibility.

Please view and mark down all dates for the 2019 Marching Band Schedule:

As you commit to the group, please know that when one person is missing, it is like missing part of a machine; it will not work as well, or possibly not at all. We need you to make a commitment to be at all rehearsals, football games, and competitions. With proper advance communication (24hrs.) from the student and parents, staff will be flexible for illnesses, emergencies, and Atholton sponsored athletics or events. If you know of any other conflicts such as major family events (weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Confirmation, etc.) these can generally can be accommodated, but, let Mr. Posner know before you commit.

If a student misses rehearsal the week of a performance, the staff may not have him/her perform, but, will still require the student to attend and support the band logistically and on the sidelines during the performance. Please review, and take time now to mark in your calendar, the tentative schedule. A final schedule will be sent over the summer before camp.

As a member of the band, you will be responsible for the care and maintenance of the equipment you use, and to help others with their equipment when asked. This includes properly caring for, and wearing of, the uniform. All students must adhere to uniform guidelines in order to create a clean, uniform, and impressive look for the band that exhibits class, pride, maturity, and professionalism. Costs for any damage to the uniform or equipment, beyond normal wear, will be the responsibility of the student/family.

Most importantly, you are agreeing to treat all members of the band with respect, and to represent and uphold the high values and reputation of the Atholton Marching Band both in and out of uniform. When you are in the band, you not only represent the Music Department, but also the entire school. If at any time the staff determines a student is not acting appropriately, they may pull him/her from rehearsal or performance.

The staff believes in you and knows that you can help maintain and improve the positive experience and reputation of the Atholton Marching Band. We also know that you will personally grow and improve from being a positive contributing member.

In addition, the staff has made a commitment to you as well. We promise to properly plan and put forth every effort we can into providing you with the means to succeed and enjoy a worthwhile experience. If you ever need anything, we are here for you.

With Pride,
Mr. Posner

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