Best in Texas Print Newspaper Entries - Due Jan. 31
Upload all of your entries in a Google Drive or Dropbox folder. Make sure users with the link are able to access the folder; otherwise we will have issues accessing your entries.

Please make sure your files are correctly named. This is the only way we can tie your students' names and school name to the file. The naming scheme is CategoryNumber_School_StudentName(s) (Ex: N1_EverytownHS_JohnDoeJaneDoe). If you are submitting multiple entries from the same student, they may be numbered (Ex: JohnDoeJaneDoe1, JohnDoeJaneDoe2). Please upload PDFs for all categories except for photo. For photo, upload jpgs.

Winning entries will be awarded certificates of superior, excellent or honorable mention as judged by qualified scholastic journalism persons. New for 2018-2019: Entries receiving a superior rating will be eligible for the Best of the Best award. One overall winner will be selected from each contest group (concept, objective writing, opinion writing, design, photography).
Entries should be published between Feb. 1, 2018 and the contest deadline.

Entries are $3 each. Mail payments directly to TAJE. Entries may not be judged if payment or proof of payment request is not received by March 1.
Mail checks to:
PO Box 9187
Austin, TX 78766

All entries may be published in TAJE materials.

Visit the TAJE website for complete rules.

N1. Nameplate, Folios & Standing Heads: Include at least one of each
N2. Infographic Presentation: Include entire page with infographic
N3. Headline Writing: Send five of your best headlines with stories
N4. Caption Writing: Send five best captions with related photos
N5. Alternative Copy: Include page with copy. Will be evaluated on design and content

Objective Writing
(Include story & headline)
N6. News Story: Straight news story or spot news coverage
N7. News-Feature Story: News story with a feature angle
N8. Feature Story: Personality profile, human interest story, etc.
N9. In-Depth News/Feature Story: story that shows research, multiple sources, localization of a state or national topic, etc. Goes into more depth than a standard news story
N10. In-Depth Package: Multiple story treatments on related topic. Include all stories and headlines
N11. Sports Game Story: Preview or action story focusing on a single game
N12. Sports Feature Story: Human-interest story or personality profile focusing on a person or event
N13. Entertainment Feature: Feature story that covers any form of entertainment

Opinion Writing
N14. Staff Editorial: Opinion piece reflecting the viewpoint of the staff or editorial board
N15. Sports Column: Opinion/analysis of a sports topic
N16. Personal Column: Opinion piece reflecting the writer’s firsthand experiences
N17. Personal Opinion Column: Opinion piece reflecting the writer’s opinion on a local, state or national topic
N18. Entertainment Review: Review of movie, book, play, restaurant, concert, CD, etc.

(Include related captions with photos)
N19. News Photo: Emphasis on action; focused on event.
N20. Feature Photo: Strong emphasis on human interest.
N21. Sports Action Photo: Action-centered. Should be carefully cropped.
N22. Sports Feature Photo: Human-interest centered; what happens behind the scenes or between plays.
N23. Portrait : Informal/environmental or studio portrait.
N24. Photo Portfolio: Five photos with captions
N25. Editorial Cartoon: Include page with cartoon
N26. Original Artwork: Include page with art (can include art accompanying content or comic strips)

(Each entry should be one page except double trucks)
N27. News Magazine Cover Design
N28. Traditional Newspaper Page One Design
N29. News Page Design
N30. Editorial/Opinion Page Design
N31. Feature Page Design
N32. Sports Page Design
N33. Entertainment Page Design
N34. Photo Essay Page
N35. Double Truck Design

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