Montgomery Music Project, 2017-2018
The mission of the Montgomery Music Project (MMP) is to develop young people and bring communities together through music. We do this by delivering affordable, high-quality music instruction to the children of Montgomery and the River Region and by uniting diverse geographic, ethnic, and socio-economic communities under the umbrella of the arts. MMP operates under the auspices of the Montgomery Symphony Orchestra.

MMP offers three enriching ways for children to become involved during the school year as well as a camp during the summer. We are going to have four levels this year, Pre-Twinkle, Beginning, Intermediate, Advance, and Mozart String Orchestra. Placement is going to determent after the audition on the first day. There are three programs in MMP, School Program, Saturday Program, and Pre-Twinkle Program.

The School Program provides quality after-school group lessons to elementary and middle school students during the school year. Students receive instruction weekday afternoons, with all instruments and supplies provided. They also meet on Saturday mornings to rehearse as one orchestra.
The Saturday Program is open to children age 13 and younger who take private string lessons during the week and wish to supplement their instruction with group activities. Weekly sessions include orchestra and choir, and also monthly master classes and sectional.

Designed with our youngest students in mind, the Pre-Twinkle Program offers an introduction to music lessons and string instruments. Pre-Twinkle music is taught in conjunction with real instruments of their choice involvement. Those youngest students will have weekly sessions include group class and choir. The only requirement is during the group class, we will need all the parents to be there with the students.

Time of the classes!
Beginning, Intermediate, Advance: Between 3:45-6 at Cleveland Avenue YMCA(1201 Rosa L Parks Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36109)
Mozart String Orchestra: 4-6 at St. James United Methodist church (9045 Vaughn Road, Montgomery, AL 36117)
All the groups on Saturday : 9-11 at Trinity Presbyterian Church (1728 S Hull St., Montgomery, AL 36117)
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Classes Offerings
Beginner Level: Children choose between learning the violin, viola, or cello. All instruments and supplies provided. No experience necessary!

Intermediate Level: Young string players continue their musical training with a variety of intermediate-level music classes.

Advanced Level: Experienced string players know their instruments in some levels with a little note-reading skills.

Mozart String Orchestra: Experienced string players with all the note-reading skills with an advanced chamber orchestra setting.

Pre-Twinkle Level: Age 4- Kindergarten

p.s. We will have audition to setup the groups. Please give more information to start with.

Time for each classes
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Levels: Wednesday and Friday (Between 3:45-6:00 P.M)and Saturday (9:00-11:00 A.M.)
Mozart String Orchestra: Tuesday and Thursday (4-6 P.M.) and Saturday (9-11 A.M.)
Pre-Twinkle Level: Saturday (9-11 A.M.)
Saturday Program: Saturday (9- 11A.M.)
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Intermediate Level: Instrument
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Where instruction took place, Private teacher name, MMP, or Baldwin
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Advance Level: Instrument
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Due to the audition, we will meet 8/26 morning between 9-10 at Trinity church for checking out the instruments. If your kids needed~
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MMP Polices
Do not register your child for the MMP summer session if you anticipate missing more than two days. Your child will not be able to participate in the final concert if s/he misses more than two days.

School Program
$70/ week*30 weeks
Saturday and Pre-Twinkle Program
$30/ week*30

A $15.00 late fee will be applied to all delinquent accounts two days after the appropriate due date. All accounts must be paid with a check, money order, or cash. Credit card payments cannot be accepted at this time.

You must give at least one week’s advance written notice if withdrawing from the MMP summer session in order to receive a refund for your payment.

All returned checks are referred to a third party for collection and subject to their collection fees.

For questions and more information about MMP visit or contact Chin-Mei Li at or call (334) 240-4004 (MSO Office)

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