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We offer modular memberships, so you only pay for what you need. Please select each option you will require in addition to membership. For example, Jane Smith needs Membership + private desk + storage= €185pm; Joe Bloggs needs membership + access to rehearsal space = €75 + hours of rehearsal space usage; while for Mary Murphy storage is more important, so membership + small storage = €85pm. From Nov 2018 we have introduced a 25's and under membership rate to help younger artists in receipt of reduced social welfare payments. Due to running costs of the studio we only have a small number of these available, please only select if this option applies to you.
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Or links to your portfolio online. Please note that examples of your work are required for your application. If you do not have work online, please forward your portfolio to hello@a4sounds.org.
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(e.g. painting, music, making dioramas, space exploration, dressing cats up in silly outfits)
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(In a blue-sky world where money is no object and resources not so limited)
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If Yes, what areas are you interested in?
We are currently developing an arts education programme. To best do this, we need to know what our members want to learn. Add anything you like below, as we'll do our best to develop a programme that suits as many people as possible!!
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Would you be interested in teaching workshops? *
We want to offer our members opportunities to get paid for what they do, and if they would like to teach, we'll do our best to facilitate it!
If Yes, have you facilitated workshops before?
Give us some details: years teaching, contexts, duration, age groups, types of workshops etc.
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You can check more than one!
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