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Seminar Descriptions -Shatter The Stigma-
Shatter The Stigma
This unique seminar reaching out to both the person who is struggling who is facing stigma and hopelessness. and the supporters who are struggling along side not knowing what to do and how to effectively help.

The seminar will unpack the reasons for the stigma and give practical ways the church can deal with the stigma. It will also tackle tangible ways to cope with the challenges of having struggles with mental health no matter what side of it you are on.
Seminar Descriptions -The Other Side of the Struggle-
The Other side of the struggle’ is a seminar about what it like to love someone with mental illness.

Sharing personal and spiritual insight, some of the points covered are: What it is like for the person struggling, Helpful verses unhelpful actions, Self-care: How to avoid burnout,. Boundaries and Enabling, Grace and Unconditional Love and more.
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