KYRID Spring 2018 Conference - Call for Certified Interpreters
Please use this form to apply to interpret for the KYRID Spring Conference 2018 in Bowling Green, KY, from Friday April 27 - Saturday April 28th.

*A rate of $50.00 USD per hour to be paid within 60 days after the completion of the conference provided all time sheets have been completed in full and submitted as described in your contract.
Should the interpreter work more than the standard eight hours per day, the interpreter will be compensated at the rate of $60.00 USD per hour of work beyond the required eight hours per day. Additional hours pay will be calculated by rounding to the nearest quarter of an hour.
*Travel will be arranged by the Interpreter, who may then seek reimbursement after the conference. Full time interpreters will receive $100.00 stipend for airfare.
For drivers: If you choose to drive to the conference, KYRID will reimburse you by mileage OR portal.
KYRID will reimburse portal at $50/hour with a maximum of 6 hours.
KYRID will reimburse by mileage. The maximum a driver may be reimbursed by mileage is $100.00 USD.
*KYRID will coordinate the hotel for full-time contracted conference Interpreters. Interpreters will receive one-half of a standard hotel room, arranged by KYRID.
Full-time interpreters will receive one hotel night April 27, 2018, to be shared with another interpreter or other support staff, if an interpreter is not available. Should the Interpreter choose to stay at the hotel additional nights, Interpreter must make their own reservation, and check in and out of the hotel at their own accord.
Hotel room nights will be coordinated and paid for by KYRID. Interpreter will be responsible for any incidentals. KYRID will only pay for the room rate and applicable taxes. If Interpreter chooses to room with someone who is not a conference interpreter, Interpreter is responsible for making the room reservation and payment on-site. If the interpreter does not require overnight housing the interpreter is to notify the Vice President on completion of this contract.

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