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Tie Dye Diva Patterns created the Sweet Summer Halter for Girls pattern over 7 years ago in 2011. The pattern has since been retired. Solana is a brand new pattern, drafted from scratch, that features the same bodice-framing straps. Solana includes 9 sizes, 2 lengths, 3 strap options, 3 hem choices, and optional pockets. You can make a dress similar to Sweet Summer Halter with this pattern, but you can also make it 17 other ways, while the Summer Halter pattern came in 4 sizes and could be made one way. As a courtesy due to the same strap design, we're offering those who previously purchased the Girl's sizes (2-8) of Sweet Summer Halter directly from Tie Dye Diva (etsy or website) a more than 50% discount on Solana. For a coupon to receive the brand new Solana pattern for $3.99, fill out the following information and allow 2-3 days for processing. Thank you!
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If a Sweet Summer Halter purchase is found with a matching name or email address, a coupon will be issued to the current email address you provided in question 1. If no purchase is found, the coupon will not be sent, so please be sure to fill out the form completely and accurately. Few if any PDF pattern designers currently in business have been at it for over a decade as we have, and providing this benefit to customers over a 7+ year purchase period is unprecedented so we greatly appreciate your patience and patronage!
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