Seeley Test Pros Upcoming Events 2023
Currently, all of our information sessions are held on Zoom. You will receive the ZOOM link by email.
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ROADMAP TO COLLEGE: COLLEGE ADMISSIONS 101- FOR PARENTS- While some families are diving into the college process already, you may feel like you need more information about the process from the parent's perspective.  The session will include information such as: How early should students start preparing for the college admissions process? What are the essential elements of a college application? How have testing policies evolved throughout the pandemic What can my student's PSAT scores tell me about testing? How to choose between the SAT and ACT? When is the best time to test? What are the best materials for students to prepare for the tests? What is new for the SAT and ACT in 2023?
SAT VS. ACT: WHAT DO YOU NEED TO KNOW? FOR PARENTS- These days, testing can be the most confusing part of the college admissions process. This session will include information such as:  How to choose between the SAT and ACT (Why you DON'T need to take both!)·  When is the best time to test? (Can there be a too early or too late?)·  What are the best materials for students to prepare for the tests? (What can students do to get started on their own?)·  What is new for the SAT and ACT in 2023? (Will your student be ready for it?)
ACT/SAT TEST TIPS SESSION FOR STUDENTS- The session will include information such as: What do my preACT or PSAT scores tell me about how I will perform? How are the SAT and ACT different? Which is the best test for me? (Why you DON'T need to take both!) What are the top strategies for English, Math, Reading, and Science? What are the best materials to prepare for the tests? What is new for the SAT and ACT in 2023? What is test flexible, test blind, test-optional? (Will you even need a test?)
STUDY SKILLS SUCCESS: FOR PARENTS- Does your student have the ability to succeed but isn’t sure how to manage his or her time and attention while studying? Does your student spend too much time studying, lacking the essential skills to learn more effectively and efficiently? Does your student come up short on tests that may drastically increase his or her grades? Seeley Test Pros will introduce you to the  “study cycle” and the “study senses” to learn where your student may be going wrong. Learn more about what the latest research in neuroscience can tell you about how to improve your student's performance.
WHY–AND WHAT–TEENS SHOULD READ OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL? FOR PARENTS- We all know that today’s teens should read more, but the more salient questions about why or what they should read often go unanswered. Seeley Test Pros has answers to share in the form of research-supported facts and strategies for building regular reading habits. What will teens and their parents learn from this interactive seminar? Is reading a skill that can be improved? How often should teens read to unlock real mastery? What are the benefits of stronger reading skills?How do broad reading skills impact school grades and test scores? What nonfiction and fiction books are best for high schoolers? With limited time available, what kind of reading should teens prioritize?
HIGH SCHOOL ADMISSIONS 101: PARENT INFORMATION SESSION- Are you curious about what the process and timeline of the high school admissions process look like? Are you wondering what is tested on high school placement exams like the HSPT, ISEE, OLSAT? Do you feel uncertain about how to help your student improve their high school entrance scores? Are you aware of how high schools use the results of the HSPT, ISEE, and OLSAT? Are you interested in learning more about a particular high school? Are you worried about the selectivity of the high school admissions process? Learn from the experts at Seeley Test Pros and high school admissions counselors from ALL over Greater Cleveland.
FREE PROCTORED DIAGNOSTIC SAT & ACT TESTS FOR STUDENTS- The best way to engage in the testing process is to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Seeley Test Pros provides free informative test results from an official, retired test with full diagnostic reporting. The diagnostic exam is proctored following the same test day protocols used by the test makers. Students will receive an email with test instructions.
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