2015 AP CS Questionnaire
Help me make this class great by letting me know a little background about yourself. Take your time filling this in, and at the bottom you will need to provide your email and password for our Turn-In system.
Thanks, Mr Bergquist
First Name *
Only first name please for confidentiality
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Period of APCS *
How good are you at using computers? *
I avoid computers and don't know how to use them
I am a super user, have built my own computer and webpages
Why are you taking this AP CS Class? *
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What's the most advanced Math class you have completed? *
Not what you are in now, but completed last year
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How excited are you about this class? *
Get me out of here.
I've been waiting all my life to take this class.
Do you have a computer at home? *
Will you be able to install jGrasp and Java on your home computer? *
(both are available for free online)
Is there anything about how you learn or accomodations that could help you succeed in this class
(i.e. I like supplementary readings for lessons, I need to sit close the front of the room, ...)
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What kind of programs would you like to learn to write? *
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When you grow up, you want to be... *
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What's something interesting I should know about you?
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How are things going so far? Are we going at a good pace? Do you enjoy the lessons & exercises?
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Thanks for your time.
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