B2C Platform Feature Survey
Olluvo is creating 2 pieces of software, the first being a self-serve advertising and branding platform for B2C businesses allowing them to take advantage of mobile technology to reach more customers. The second is a mobile app that consumers use to find businesses providing the goods and services that they require. This survey focuses on the business side of our software and we appreciate you taking the time to help us out and most importantly you get to have input into the design and features of the product.

Data collected in this survey is for R&D purposes only. The information will not be distributed to any other entities.
How do you operate your business? *
Tell us your top 3 (or more) expectations of a self-serve advertising and branding platform for your b2c businesses? (e.g. multi-site/store functionality or quick to market) - hit enter for a new line or use a comma to separate answers *
What features do you expect to see in Olluvo’s software? (if you choose Other and have more than one answer, please separate them by a comma) *
What features do you NOT want to see? (hit enter to go to a new line)
Please indicate the pricing structure that would best suite your business? (This is a per site/store pricing method. Again, if you choose Other, please separate answers by a comma) *
Please indicate the billing period that would best suite your business? *
Considering your answers in the previous 2 questions, please indicate your dollar expectations for the cost? (please include your preferred combination by fully typing it out - e.g. per ad per day billed weekly at $xx.xx per ad) * *
At Olluvo we appreciate any and all input, so, if you have anything further you want to let us know here is your chance?
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