Survey of text-based AAC* Apps for Individuals with Communication Support Needs - iOS (iPad and iPhone)
*Augmentative and Alternative Communication

This survey will close, end of Wednesday 13 May.
What is your role in relation to AAC?
Please choose one option below...
Of the text-based AAC Apps for individuals with communication support needs, which are you most likely to use?
These are the Apps listed in the CALL Scotland AAC App Wheel Please choose from one column below...
Use Frequently
Use Sometimes
Not Used
Alpha Topics
Assistive Express
ClaroCom Pro
Flip Writer
Quick Type AAC
Grid for iPad
Do you use a text-based AAC App(s) not listed, if so which...
Your answer
How would you rate the common features in text-based AAC Apps?
Please choose from one column below...
Not Necessary
Option to use voice banked
Word/sentence prediction
Abbreviation Expansion
Word/phrase banks
Touchscreen settings
Multiple Access Methods (built-in)
Different Keyboard options
Keyguard options
Back up options
Sharing options – text, email, social media
Support/User Guide/Instructions
How much do you disagree or agree with this statement? Cost is a deciding factor when selecting an App
Is there any additional feature, not currently available, that you would find useful in a new text-based AAC App?
Your answer
Thank you very much for completing this survey. The results will be shared at the CALL Scotland online workshop on 14 May and thereafter through our website and social media channels.
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