Kusakari Stamp Rally + Snack & Chill
"Kusakari (Mowing) Stamp Rally + Snack & Chill" alert on November 11th!!

Join us for Kusakari Stamp Rally followed by Snack & Chill afterwards. There will be lots of fun activities and prizes to win!

Event details below:
Date and Time: November 11th (Mon), from 3 pm onwards.
Meeting place: Lawson @ Center Zone
Participation fee: FREE!!
****Please prepare/wear the clothes for mowing! (ex: jeans, long shirts etc.)

See y'all soon :)


11月11日(月)の"草刈りスタンプラリー + スナック&チル(交流会)"に参加しませんか?


日程:11月11日(月), 午後3時から

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