Membership of HL7 AUSTRALIA® now open:
The logistics of transition to the new HL7 AUSTRALIA® are now at the stage that we can start to process membership applications. There are four new memberships to choose from.

Outlined below is important information to be read and considered before applying for membership.
Membership Options:
Allowing for a diverse membership base of both organisations and individuals is important to the strength of the community, therefore we offer four memberships options; three tiers of membership tailored to organisation size and one tier for individual membership. 

Each membership comes with different voting rights, benefits and fees.

The options are:

Organisation Membership - Tier 1
- For large governmental and corporate entities
- Carries twelve votes
- 1-12 active representatives

Organisation Membership - Tier 2
- For mid-sized corporate entities
- Carries six votes
- 1-6 active representatives

Organisation Membership - Tier 3
- For small businesses or individual consultancy businesses
- Carries three votes
- 1-3 active representatives

Individual Membership
- For individuals with a personal interest in the community
- Carries one vote
- 1 representative
Choosing the Correct Membership Type:
There are two types of membership you can apply for, Individual membership or Organisational membership.

* Organisational membership has 3 tiers (Tier 1, 2 and 3):
If you are joining to represent your organisation or its interests in the community, then you must join HL7 AUSTRALIA® as an organisational member. The entry level (Tier 3) organisational membership is priced to allow small organisations to participate in the community (see pricing below). The approval process will consider if the tier of membership applied for is appropriate for the organisation's size and participation in the community.

* Individual membership:
Individual members are not to represent an organisation but have a personal interest and passion for the community. When registering for individual membership please use your personal email address, not a corporate address.
New Membership Terms:
All membership of the old HL7 AUSTRALIA® ended 30 June 2018, and although we have been running events at no charge to prior members, HL7 AUSTRALIA® has not drawn any membership revenue for the the last 8 months.

During the 2nd signup phase, all memberships terms will commence on 1-June-2019. To allow members to have more control and to better budget for renewal payments, when first joining the new HL7 AUSTRALIA®, you can set your renewal date by selecting your membership length, as follows:

Months Fixed Start Date End Date Renew Date
12 1-June-2019 31-May-2020 1-Jun-2020
15 1-June-2019 31-Aug-2020 1-Sep-2020
18 1-June-2019 30-Nov-2020 1-Dec-2020
21 1-June-2019 28-Feb-2021 1-Mar-2021

* For Tier 1 members only:
- Options 15, 18 and 21 months are not available, ie a maximum of 12 month membership applies.
- An initial 6 month term is available on request, to allow for budgeting sponsorship.
Four Date Rationale
By allowing you to choose your membership renewal to be either 1-Mar, 1-Jun, 1-Sep or 1-Dec, administration is simplified, but more importantly it creates periods of time for annual meetings and the general meeting; where the complete list of voting members will be known and unchanging from when the meeting is called until after the meeting.
Renewal after you become a member
One month prior to membership expiry, all members will be invoiced for 12 month renewal at their chosen membership tier. If you would like to change membership tier or renewal length, please contact us at
Legal Obligations of HL7 AUSTRALIA® Membership:
Establishing the new HL7 AUSTRALIA® as an association limited by guarantee places us under federal legislation that clearly outlines all member and director rights and responsibilities. We suggest you familiarise yourself with the rules governing our new association at

We wish to draw your attention to the obligation that HL7 AUSTRALIA® now carries to make primary contact details of all members available to every member. This is to allow any member to gain enough support to call a General Meeting. Therefore by becoming a member, you agree to your contact details being shared in line with federal legislation.

Additionally HL7 AUSTRALIA® is required under the constitution to charge all new members a one-off fee of $10 that limits your liability as a member to $10. Once paid, this fee will not be charged on renewal of a membership. For accounting purposes please note this payment is GST exempt.

A policy decision of HL7 AUSTRALIA® is to charge all members that are not renewing their membership a $10 administration fee (inc GST). This will be taken from the initial $10 deposit to simplify administration, rather than refunding that $10 deposit on lapse or termination of membership.
Membership pricing within the old HL7 Australia did not ever change, remaining the same since establishment in 2002. This meant that in real terms membership fees became less expensive as the combined CPI increase during that period reached 53%.

The HL7 AUSTRALIA® Board has taken the decision to price the individual membership and entry level organisational membership based on 53% rounded increase to old fees, while creating a new free structure for Teir 1 and 2 membership levels. The pricing becomes...

New Organisation Membership - 12 month term
Tier 1 cost is $10.989 + $10 + $22,000 Sponsorship = $32.999
Tier 2 cost is $5,494.50 + $10 = $5,505
Tier 3 cost is $583 + $10 = $593

New Individual Membership - 12 month term
Individual cost is $154 + $10 = $164

N.B. Lifetime Individual membership of HL7 AUSTRALIA® is through invitation of HL7 AUSTRALIA® Board. Lifetime members will also be required to pay the $10 once-off fee, to meet legal requirement. Old lifetime members can apply for reinstatement via email to
Membership Approval and Payment Process
HL7 Australia Limited is in the process of establishing an online membership platform that will support the operation of the organisation, including an online payment facility.

In the meantime, we have established this form, which allows you to choose the membership type and submit your details.

Upon submission, your application will be reviewed by HL7 AUSTRALIA® to ensure that all pertinent details have been provided, after which an invoice will be sent with payment options.
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