2025-2026 NCFCA Debate Resolution Suggestion
Please use this form to submit resolutions to the Team Policy or Lincon-Douglas Value Resolution Committees. You may submit this form more than once.
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Please keep the following goals in mind for any proposed resolutions.
We seek to ensure that resolutions we use meet the following criteria:
  • Debatable. We seek to ensure that Christians could debate either side of our resolutions without being required to violate their consciences. 

  • Educational. We want our resolutions to provide students the opportunity to study a worthwhile topic that will allow them to be informed citizens who are prepared to engage in the real world on timely issues. We also select resolutions that have a body of literature readily available for research.

  • Appropriate Scope. We strive for topics broad enough to provide ground to debate throughout the entire six-month season. However, we also carefully consider limits on the breadth of each resolution to ensure that it will not overwhelm students as they prepare.

  • Balanced. We seek to create resolutions that are balanced between the Affirmative and Negative sides. We consider potential judge bias and the difficulty of each position in order to create resolutions that we believe will be fair to both sides.

  • Appropriate. Our resolutions deal with some difficult issues, yet we take careful effort to ensure that none of the proposed resolutions require high school students to engage with inappropriate material.

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