2017 Model Call | Stock Photography
I'm looking for families, individuals, and couples that want to be "models" for my stock photography portfolio. In exchange for your time and signing a model release form, you will receive ALL of the edited images from our session together. This can be a one-time commitment or ongoing partnership. You decide!

What I'm looking for:

I love photographing people, but posing families for Christmas cards just isn't my thing. Fortunately for me, stock photography allows me to earn money and photograph what I love! I enjoy documenting those subtle encounters between loved ones; a babies first attempts at walking, the excitement of losing a tooth, cooking together, a family dog pile on mom and dad's bed, moving day (Trust me, this is a cool thing to have photographed!), or even an elopement. The opportunities are endless! And, nothing is mundane or boring. An impromptu water fight with the garden hose yields some of the best photographs! Think about your day. How many "insignificant" wonders happen to your family each and every day that you don't photograph because they aren't "special" occasions? I'm telling you, they are amazing and worth remembering!

Authentic imagery comes in all forms. It can take place at home, on an outing to the zoo, or even during your next camping trip! And if you're really adventurous and want to do something extraordinary, you'll invite me on your next vacation! Or, we can camp in your backyard and eat a ton of s'mores! I'm seriously game!

No idea is too crazy! Here's your formal invitation to dream up something big!

Oh, and not to say I don't love big occasions too!

If you'd like the opportunity to capture those life-changing events, like the miraculous birth of your baby, let's chat! I've been photographing births for 3 years now and it's my absolute favorite! Are Grandma and Grandpa coming to town or are you bringing home a new puppy? I would be honored to document it for you!

Basically, I want to dream up the most amazing photographic opportunities with you, then photograph it for you! Sound amazing? Then, let's team up!

Request a session/s:

Take your time filling out this form and be as thorough as possible so I can begin visualizing our session together!

Tip: I'm especially interested in families that have a unique story, interest, culture, and/or lifestyle. Also, you do NOT need to live in the Main Taunus Kreis. I am willing to travel for the perfect photographic opportunity! However, just be mindful that traveling expenses apply.

Please allow 48 hours for me to respond to your request. I will respond to EVERY request, even if I'm unable to fulfill it.

I'm looking forward to collaborating with you!

Questions? Email me at hello@lifeaglowphoto.com

You can speed up the request process by filling out and signing the model releases in advance. Committed families/individuals will get first priority. Each person in the family needs their own model release form (for example: if you have 5 people in your family, you'll fill out 5 forms.): Fill in the blanks in the first paragraph and the "model information" section. Scan and send them to the above email address. There are two separate releases for minors (anyone under 18 years) and adults.

1.For Minors:

2. For Adults:

Check out my entire portfolio on OFFSET by Shutterstock: http://www.offset.com/artist/Jenna+Reich

Want a similar experience, but not sure stock photography is right for you, please inquire about commissioned portraits on my website at www.lifeaglowphoto.com. I'm currently only booking a very limited number of sessions each year.

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Do you have any upcoming events that you'd like photographed? (i.e. vacations, births, party, visits with relatives, new puppy, first day of kindergarten/school)
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Does your family have a unique lifestyle or any special interests that would be interesting to photograph? (vintage home, farmers, cyclists, musicians, baby wearing, gardener, homeschooling, etc.)
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How often would you be interested in being photographed?
Where do you live?
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Are you okay with your images being used for stock photography?
Would you (and your partner if applicable) sign a model release for each of your family members?
Diversity is important to me! I'd like to create a portfolio which includes a variety of races, ethnicities, cultures, perspectives, and religious backgrounds. Please specify the race of each of your family members and tell me anything you'd like to about your cultural background, traditions, ideals, holidays and/or celebrations?
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