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Since its founding over thirty years ago, esse has become a vital platform for contemporary art. The multidisciplinary magazine owes its success to the contributions of talented authors and artists, the dedication of its team, the enthusiasm of its volunteers, the generosity of its financial partners, and the loyalty of its readers.

We are always striving to maintain the high standards expected by our readers, which is why we have a few questions to ask you. Your answers will help Les éditions esse to better align its activities with the interests of its readership.

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15. How would you describe the magazine?
16. Do you consult the advertising section?
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18. Which disciplines would you like to be featured more often in esse magazine (multiple responses possible)?
19. Which regional art scenes would you like to be informed about (multiple answers possible)?
20. Which sections of esse do you consider to be the most interesting?
21. What do you consider to be the magazine's strengths?
22. Esse distinguishes itself among other cultural magazines due to… (multiple responses possible)
23. What do you consider to be the magazine's weaknesses?
24. What other magazines do you read and why?
25. Do you ever visit our website?
26. If so, how frequently?
27. Which of the following sections do you consult? (multiple responses possible)
28. Which features do you consult? (multiple responses possible)
29. In the section «Information» which category do you consult?
30. What would you like to read about on
31. When browsing from your computer, do you find the website user-friendly?
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