Ciclovia Survey 2014
Please give us your feedback on the Miramar Peninsula Ciclovia held 16 February 2014. It should only take a few minutes.
Did you participate in the Miramar Peninsula Ciclovia 16 February 2014? *
How did you find out about Ciclovia? *
How did you participate in Ciclovia *
How did you get to Ciclovia? *
Select all means that you used to get from home to the Ciclovia
Did you (or would you have if you had got there) purchase food and/or drink from the Chocolate Fish (Shelly Bay) or Scorch-o-rama (Scorching Bay) *
Would you have liked the section from the Miramar Cutting to Shelly Bay to have been motor-free? *
If Ciclovia is held again, how often should it be held? *
Would you prefer Ciclovia to be *
If Ciclovia was held again, how likely are you to come? *
Definitely not
Please comment about your experience of Ciclovia: how could it be strengthened, what were the high/low points, what would you like to have done but couldn't...
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