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The email address listed below will be the one invited to the Zoom meeting.
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What class(es) are you registering for? If registering for one or more Lunch Break Theatre games classes, but not the whole session, please click other and type date of class(es) *
This class will be held via Zoom. The Zoom invitation will be sent to the email addresses registered a few days before class begins.
By registering for this class parents/guardians agree to all of the following:

To allow their student to participate in a workshop through Zoom and agree that it is their responsibility to ensure the safety of the student. Parents/guardians assume any liability related to participating in a class on this platform and will not hold Sam Bass Theatre responsible for any security issues or other issues that may come up from using Zoom. Parents also understand that if a student disrupts class or breaks the Sam Bass Youth Guild rules, he/she may be dropped from the Zoom meeting without refund.

If my student is registering for a performance camp, I agree the student will attend all classes and inform the teacher at least 24 hours in advance of a necessary absence or need to be tardy. Because the students and teachers are counting on my student to attend rehearsals in order to prepare for the show, I understand that if I have absences and or am consistently tardy, my part may be reassigned.

By registering for the class, Parents also give permission for you or your child's photo or video images to be used by Sam Bass Theatre for the purposes of Marketing and Promotion Including but not limited to newspapers, television, the Sam Bass website, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

The Zoom classroom is for registered participants only and non-registered members of the household will refrain from being in view of the camera in order to keep everyone focused during class.

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I, the parent or guardian of the registered student, have read and understood all of the agreements above. I have gone over the rules with my student and will make sure they are prepared to participate in class in a positive way each day. I agree to all the agreements. I understand that my student is expected to use appropriate language, be positive, refrain from spamming the chat and act appropriately during the class. I realize if my child disrupt the class in any way, they may be muted or asked to leave class at the teacher's discretion. I understand that there will be a short parent meeting the first day of class, and I will be expected to attend for approximately 15 minutes to go over a few expectations. Please type the name of the parent or guardian into the box below: *
I, the student, understand that I must abide by all the rules of Sam Bass Theatre's Youth Guild. I will use appropriate language, be positive, refrain from spamming the chat and will act appropriately during the class. I realize if I disrupt the class in any way, I may be muted or asked to leave class at the teacher's discretion. Please type the student's name below. *
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