Josh - Laravel Admin Template

Please help us giving you good updates by sharing your feedback.
we have 3 different versions of josh

1. Regular version -

2. material version -

3. v2 (not released yet) -

v2 principles:

please have a look at them (if you haven't already) so that you can give better feedback.

Note: We are looking for 100 responses and so far got 15 responses.
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which CRUD builder do you prefer?
Given a choice, do you want a crud builder which shipped with josh or a hosted version where customer can select josh version, add all CRUDs needed and any other options needed and then download it (can modify it later again and re-download and/or make changes locally)
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Seperate CSS files or single CSS file?
In Regular version, we have provided css file for each page seperately, which helps in reduced size but on other hand, you need to include bunch of css files. in v2, do you prefer multiple css files or single css file having styles of all the pages?
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what features you want to see in josh (we listen to all features and try to implement them)
any other comments/notes
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